The Cutest Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is an exciting time of year for children but it can also be very expensive. To minimize your costs and to create some fun activities for the kids to partake in there are a wide range of gift and decorative ideas that you can make for little to no cost. Here are some great Christmas crafts for kids.

Jar Christmas Tree


Collect empty baby food jars of the same size. Remove the lids, spray paint them green and allow them to dry. Hot glue the sides of each jar making a Christmas tree or a pyramid shape, use two jars for the base of the tree. Cut out the pieces of 7 inch long gold star garland, make each one into the shape of a circle and place them one into each jar. Using a box knife, slice the shape of a large “V” into the top of each lid and then screw the lids back onto each jar. Pull the first light on a string through the V shape in the lid weaving the string through the jars sticking the lights in one by one. Plug in the light strand at the end and you will have a wonderful decorative Christmas crafts for kids.

Beautiful Christmas Stockings


Cut the shape of a sock out of two pieces of felt. You can choose any colors that you like, staple the edges together and leave the top open so that you can put the presents in. Cover the staples by gluing rick rack over the top. Sow a felt loop to the top of the stocking so that you can hang it up. Decorate the front or the back of the stocking using buttons, glitter, or anything that will make a pretty decoration, these make some fantastic Christmas crafts for kids.

3D Christmas Cards


Cut two circles out of light cardboard paper the color of your choice. Bend one of the circles in half and stick one half in the middle of the second circle. Cut out a paper ornament topper and glue it to the top of the circle, glue a strand of string to the back of the topper and then glue it to a piece of cardstock. Tightly pull the string down and glue it to the back of the card. These will make some excellent Christmas crafts for kids.

Snow Globe


Find an empty jar with a lid tight enough to hold water so that it does not spill out. You will need waterproof glue, a plastic figure of your choice, glitter and liquid glycerin. Glue the figure to the lid of the jar and allow it to dry, pour water into the jar, add a squirt of glycerin (it makes the glitter swirl easier). Screw the lid onto the jar tightly, flip it over and you have some fantastic Christmas crafts for kids.

You can be adventurous as you want with these ideas, adding and taking away materials and colors as you please. The important thing is that you have fun with your children whilst you are making them.

Great Pumpkin Carving Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

Halloween is coming so now is a great time for you to take a look at getting your pumpkin carving ideas up and running. There are plenty of great things that you can do when carving pumpkins but you should think carefully about how well you can handle some of these assorted ideas. There are plenty of great things to do with pumpkins but it’s great to see just how well you are able to handle these concepts so you can get the most out of your pumpkins. You will be amazed at how great your pumpkins look when you prepare them right.

Carving With a Drill

One of the best pumpkin carving ideas to consider involves carving your pumpkin with a drill. A drill may be used by providing you with a solution for creating even patterns or some special lantern-like effects. This will create an appealing pumpkin that has a consistent look all around while letting out plenty of light. This is good if you are looking for something that is not too unusual in appearance and simply adds a beautiful decorative style. This is especially a versatile choice for how it offers a variety of great design choices for you to opt for based on how you make it look. See more creative ideas at cutediyprojects.

Mixing Pumpkins

Another popular choice among pumpkin carving ideas is to consider mixing multiple pumpkins together. Having a smaller pumpkin inside of a larger one, whether it is directly inside the other pumpkin or incorporated into the design, will certainly be a fun idea to have. This will give you a fun look that offers an added sense of detail. The detail will especially incorporate a second layer as the smaller pumpkin can be carved in any way you see fit. An added light can be included in your second pumpkin to create a muted light effect that is particularly covered up.

Trimming the Skin

The skin on the pumpkin doesn’t always have to be there. Cutting apart the skin layer on the pumpkin helps to add a new dimension to carving your pumpkin. This is smart among pumpkin carving ideas in that you can use this to create different design features where the pumpkin looks worn or to just create an artistic flourish. When making this work, you should cut a few millimeters off of the pumpkin to make it work well while still having a strong foundation for the design to be supported. This will create a better and stronger look when chosen right.

Using the Top Right

The top part of the pumpkin is usually cut open to clear out the seeds and innards before carving. You can do something a little different by using the top as the foundation for the carving. The stalk at the top may be used as the nose, for instance. You would have to cut the bottom part of the pumpkin open to create this effect while keeping the pumpkin on its side for this to work. This works among pumpkin carving ideas when you actually keep the back side hidden from public view while also adding a good light to weigh it down so it will not tip over or rotate while on display. Find more awesome pumpkin carving tips and ideas at homebnc.

Shade or Shadow: a crash course in Ombré hairstyles

The world of hair fashion is currently, in large part, dominated by the hot new trend, Ombre hair. Ombré, from the similar French word, translates literally to “shade or shadow.” As the translation suggests, this hair colouring technique involves a gradual blending of multiple colours, ranging from a light to dark gradient. The success of this trend is attributable to a wide variety of aspects, such as the series of A-list celebrities who have managed to brand it as their own, and the fact that the trend itself requires very little upkeep and is easy to maintain, ensuring its longevity. Not to mention the fact that it serves as a stunning, and vibrant means of self-expression.

Ombre hair is a rend somewhat young in its existence. Originally, the term’s original usage referred to the unique and innovative printing block of the 19th century which allowed for gradient colour patterns to be printed on textiles. Today the term mostly refers to a unique and innovative hairstyle that was popularized in 2007. The equal parts stunning and powerful Gisele Bündchen was the first to catch media attention to the trend, by sporting what would quickly become one of the largest modern phenomena in hair fashion.

In Gisele’s case, her hair was dyed a subtle and smooth fade, ranging from light tones in the tips of her hair to darker brown oak colors in her roots. Blink and you missed it, it was hard to deny the subtlety of Gisele’s hairstyle which appeared to be kissed by the sun itself. Ombré hairstyles have since made rounds across many of the most fashionable ladies in Hollywood. From Gwyneth Paltro, to Rashida Jones, to Jessica Biel, as well as a growing amount of everyday adopters, it is hard to deny that the trend has taken off in a major way.

Luckily, the large amount of variety within the style ensures that, while it is trendy, it is not tacky. Severe or subtle gradients from what can only be described as an endless stream of color combinations ensure that the ombré is both a statement to the trend, and a statement to the individual who wears it.

For those looking to adopt the hairstyle without the use of a stylist, we’ve got you sorted:

To begin, it’s recommended that you pull inspiration from an already existing ombré hairstyle. Find one you like, and gather photos as a reference. If you want to fuel the creative in you, consider gathering more than one style, and split the difference between the two.

It’s important to purchase a hair dye that’ll work well for your hair. Your hair is unique, so treat it as such, and search for the product that works best for you. It’s important to note however, that this works best when your hair is currently void of any severe dyes, as a drastic change to an already darkened head of hair may require some hair stripping at the hands of a stylist in order to produce the optimal result

Leave your roots for last when performing the next step. Since the heat from your head speeds up the process of lightening, flush around 75-85% of the hair lightening product, without contacting your roots. Once you’ve followed the specific packaging instructions for how long to leave the hair product in (half an hour on average, producing a brassy’ tone), you may now introduce the remaining product to your roots.

Next, when attempting to dye your hair it’s important to reach every root on your scalp. Move your hair around to ensure this is done correctly, and consider getting a friend to help you target each area. Follow instructions on when to remove the dye, and then wash and dry your hair. For more ideas check out this post > 60+ Awesome Ombre Hair Color Ideas To Try At Home!

And that’s it! Equipped with your new, hopefully stunning Ombre hair you’re all set to announce yourself as a member of this trend, and sporter of your hot, new head of hair.

4 Great Spiderman Tattoos That Will Look Amazing

Marvel heroes have long been a popular tattoo option for men and women alike, and Spiderman seems to be a favorite due to the wide range of designs and styles. Bold, colorful and complex, Spiderman tattoos symbolize strength and responsibility, having a great visual appeal that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. After all, what’s better than having Marvel’s greatest hero inked on your body, showcasing your own strength and ability to cope with different situations? The best part is that you can either inspire from someone else’s tattoo, or come up with your own tattoo design idea, as there are countless options for you to choose from.

Check out these amazing Spiderman tattoo ideas below.


If you want a tattoo that clearly embraces the idea of power, and the responsibility that comes with it, then this particular tattoo idea will be excellent. The tattoo is extremely complex, with colors and shading that makes it look unusually realistic. Spiderman has his costume ripped apart, but this only makes the tattoo appear even more interesting. Symbols of innocence and bravery, the flowers depicted along with Marvel’s hero give this tattoo a special flair, whilst the words “power” and “responsibility” help remind of the real values symbolized by Spiderman.


If you’re after a Spiderman tattoo that is extremely complex and has intriguing combinations of colors, then this design will certainly be suitable for your needs. Spiderman looks amazingly real in this particular tattoo, shooting webs from his wrist as seen in most posters and images. But this isn’t the only aspect that makes the tattoo stand out – the background, a lovely combination of orange and blue shades, featuring an owl, symbol of wisdom. All in all, the tattoo looks stunning, and will certainly be a great option if you want to have Spiderman inked on your body.


How many times have you dreamt of having your own web shooters equipped in a genuine Spiderman costume? But since you cannot have them, why not choose this fantastic Spiderman tattoo instead? The tattoo clearly shows how Spiderman presses the buttons of the web shooters to eject his advanced adhesive web rope, which he uses to move around the city. Not surprisingly, the web has been designed to the finest details, looking as if it really was ejected from the hero’s web shooters. Although this arm tattoo has a simple concept, it will definitely make a wonderful tattoo idea if you want one.


The idea of having the Spiderman costume coming out and ripping your skin apart might seem too fantastic, but it still makes a wonderful tattoo idea for both men and women. This design seems very realistic thanks to the shadows that make it look just as if the Spiderman costume was actually coming out through the skin. Just imagine seeing this tattoo from distance – someone might actually think you’re the real Spiderman, or Spiderwoman, since details are not that visible. A great idea would be tattooing this to either your back or chest to make it look as if you are about to turn into the spectacular hero.

Crazy tattoo arts

Crazy tattoo

When preparing a new tattoo to keep track of several things, as you might think. A small items, such as intensive solar radiation and the harmful effects of water, the pain tolerance and various parts of the body to find the ideal one thing only part of it. It is important to be satisfied with the outcome, so before anything yourself seam, it is recommended that a thorough research work. The first and most important thing is not to just go smoothly in your local salon for a new tattoo.

Find out thoroughly, whom you entrust yourself to it, after all, it is a matter of life. It is best if you pick the ideal person to contact at least one week prior to the preparation of the tattoo and watch carefully the portfolio. One week will be enough to see, how satisfied are you with your work, and you will see fit to your style to what you imagine. Ideally, the work can be viewed online, where you will go as their website or Facebook csatornájukon, possibly involving the salon. Take your time to carefully look after this. So we’ll go with less fear when it comes to the big day. Once you’ve done that, the next possible step should be to figure out the perfect tattoo. As a lifelong commitment it is, so do yourself tetováltass things you have a good chance in a few years you will not be happy to remember. This may be the name of your partner also get along well even now, but later, when something bad happens, you have a good chance you will not see yourself tattoo welcome.

You may find that you will not be more then a hundred percent sure, you’ve decided that under the right tattoo. Therefore, every single decision you want to sleep one, be it the saloon, a model or a tattoo place. Only then flaunt it if fully sure of your decision, just so you will regret it later. Once you’ve done that, there is no other thing than make up his mind and get your first tattoo. Are you ready?