The Cutest Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is an exciting time of year for children but it can also be very expensive. To minimize your costs and to create some fun activities for the kids to partake in there are a wide range of gift and decorative ideas that you can make for little to no cost. Here are some great Christmas crafts for kids.

Jar Christmas Tree


Collect empty baby food jars of the same size. Remove the lids, spray paint them green and allow them to dry. Hot glue the sides of each jar making a Christmas tree or a pyramid shape, use two jars for the base of the tree. Cut out the pieces of 7 inch long gold star garland, make each one into the shape of a circle and place them one into each jar. Using a box knife, slice the shape of a large “V” into the top of each lid and then screw the lids back onto each jar. Pull the first light on a string through the V shape in the lid weaving the string through the jars sticking the lights in one by one. Plug in the light strand at the end and you will have a wonderful decorative Christmas crafts for kids.

Beautiful Christmas Stockings


Cut the shape of a sock out of two pieces of felt. You can choose any colors that you like, staple the edges together and leave the top open so that you can put the presents in. Cover the staples by gluing rick rack over the top. Sow a felt loop to the top of the stocking so that you can hang it up. Decorate the front or the back of the stocking using buttons, glitter, or anything that will make a pretty decoration, these make some fantastic Christmas crafts for kids.

3D Christmas Cards


Cut two circles out of light cardboard paper the color of your choice. Bend one of the circles in half and stick one half in the middle of the second circle. Cut out a paper ornament topper and glue it to the top of the circle, glue a strand of string to the back of the topper and then glue it to a piece of cardstock. Tightly pull the string down and glue it to the back of the card. These will make some excellent Christmas crafts for kids.

Snow Globe


Find an empty jar with a lid tight enough to hold water so that it does not spill out. You will need waterproof glue, a plastic figure of your choice, glitter and liquid glycerin. Glue the figure to the lid of the jar and allow it to dry, pour water into the jar, add a squirt of glycerin (it makes the glitter swirl easier). Screw the lid onto the jar tightly, flip it over and you have some fantastic Christmas crafts for kids.

You can be adventurous as you want with these ideas, adding and taking away materials and colors as you please. The important thing is that you have fun with your children whilst you are making them.